Tears, Laughter and Goosebumps

At the thought of You, dear beauty, I smile. In some cheesy foreign language some call you Hayati, but for me you are my Tears, Laughter and Goosebumps. You are life.

In the dusty recesses of my mind or in the vivid flashbacks knit closely to mind, the thought of you is immense.

You introduced me to the magic of your existence not so long ago. Whether it was at first sight or not, that you made your mark on me, all I know is the impact is eternal. You led me on an undefined trail of interest, craving and awe. You held your hand out and tagged me along and introduced me to the emotions that envelope me though I used to ascribe them as surreal. Tear inducing feelings you invite.

Darling, in these few years that our paths have crossed, tear inducing memories fight to take crown on the control to the course of my life. Memories made manifest in the depth and quality of the conversations we have had. You have made wit my vibration. Made manifest in the tears of an empty pocket on a bag of dreams that only leave me with belief and hope as your true gifts to me. Tears of joy or struggle, darling, you water my soul.

You are the Real Deal no cap. I feel like you starve me of hours to a day. If only there could be more to the normal. You demand a greater portion to the clock of my life. Your sight demands my breathe. You are quite a sight. Of all the best I have done, having you embrace my existence into the spectrum of yours has left a glow on my face. You are life.

Dear, the few years that ours hearts have banged you have introduced me to my greatest accomplishment-Friends. Those I deeply love, admire and I am truly proud of. You introduced me to Joy, Happiness, Patience, and Hope and importantly, Love. You gave me Laughter as my DNA.

Where and when time and chance embrace I hope to truly offload the burden of words on my chest of what you mean to me. It is immense. Your wit and mine resonate. With that you bring to me an emulsion of smiles. You smirk at the world with the confidence that tells me you believe the world is at your feet. You truly bring the best in me, a robust burst of smiles and laughter.

Goosebumps emerge at the thought of possessing the best of you. Exactly that leaves me docile. At your sight, butterflies in my stomach are a norm. Dear, that you think of me in your grand plans gives me a sense of purpose.

Real Deal, if anything, I found acceptance in the world because you made me yours. Or maybe I just intuit. Goosebumps all over with your precious touch of everyday.

Of Tears, Laughter and Goosebumps in my life, I hope your heart tethers mine the Love it needs to survive.

This piece is from Tatenda Mutengwa

Published by anotidaviazhero

An aspiring physician with a passion to create and modify long lasting solutions to the problems that our young generation is faced with through some of my motivational and inspirational articles.

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