A Great Many Desires

“I’m a man of a great many desires.” Jon Snow. For me the simple but elusive statement gave me an insight on the absolute intent it represented. Ambition in faith. That one may arrive to a belief that he is beyond all that may stand between him and what he aims at.

For me it aroused a need, an insatiable one, to bring cohesion to my passions, desires and dreams. A sort of creative convergence that points to something sublime in the grand scheme of eternity. I want it all to define a simplicity that perfects all creation.

In life our ambitions may be frustrated by a great many obstacles. They eat at you. Patience is the key. The art of patience. To believe that there is a synergy in the great maze that life is. Hold fast and let time do its trick.

I also believe Truth has a great role to play in the beauty of what will become. Encapsulated in the love of the one above, who makes it all possible. Truth in pursuing our great many desires that we may all stay on course towards the thresholds of righteousness. Truth however unwelcome or difficult it proves itself to pronounce. It shall set you free. Truth is depth.

But what if what you come across and come to like tests the core of your life’s fundamentals? I believe those are detours and obstructions if they do nothing but drag you down. If they do nothing to compliment your dreams then cast it afar. For example trading your purpose for a Delilah. Is that worth it? Mostly it is derived from the insatiable need to be accepted and validated. I concede, it is normal. But can’t your dreams validate you? On the grounds of the promises they stand upon.

As with any intended execution self-belief is key. Confidence in the belief that you can. Self-worth derived in the simple truths of life that you know. For example that you need knowhow and capacity to assume responsibility and if you have that you are good to go. No need to be intimidated by what the world looks at. The rigid, solid truths you know should beam light on the routes you need to take. For me that is the basis of self-belief.

For me I believe I am to be used for great works on the grand stage. In faith I prepare earnestly for that. I want to change my nation. I always ask myself, “if not me, then who?”

A great many desires accompany me in everything I do and I believe it is not only in my head. We all do and bringing cohesion to them connotes soundness that breathes life to their eventual enactment.

This is yet another piece from Tatenda Mutengwa

Published by anotidaviazhero

An aspiring physician with a passion to create and modify long lasting solutions to the problems that our young generation is faced with through some of my motivational and inspirational articles.

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