Exist against the claims of our conscience. Fueled by an emotional antennae that is directed to its own inflicted turmoil. These are our Obsessions!

With the prevalence of drugs I’m led to the thinking that almost everyone is on an “I need to be liked”. Our obsessions hinge upon what we think people like to see from us. Their view of us actuates what we are to perform.

On the other hand, our obsessions sugarcoat our self-worth. In our little enclosures we exaggerate our capabilities. For example just look at what sort of feelings a thousand likes evoke. Obsessed with them they become an artificial nod of the route we are on. Some obsessions even eat at us, we crave their approval. Whatever happened to the internal approval system, Purpose, I do not know. Be wary an addictive tendency to our characters might be looming.

They say be obsessed at what you want to lure. Be it your gift, talent, subscripted calling and even the person you want. I generally feel we should be consumed with the things that bring a flare to our general dispositions but not to a point of addiction. Addiction itself a manifestation of obsession, has a funny and uncanny propensity of turning itself into self-neglect. It poses to rescind commitment to self and those whom we truly love not particularly those who offer us attention.

Our obsessions countenance themselves differently. It might be the voyeurism evoking social media. It could be someone you can’t exist a fraction of a second without putting to thought. Maybe your cigar. Lures of false hopes such as money, gambling, sex and other antiquated notions of entertainment. Maybe love is your form of obsession. The constant need to be loved. The simple whisper of night to once again try tomorrow.

This text however does not serve to bring judgement to anyone’s belief system. We see things in our own eyes differently but in the grand scheme of events let us just ponder whether all our desires hold hands with reality.

I myself am a victim of a kind of obsession. It dazed my disposition and might continue so if my ways don’t embrace with reality. Those enclosures that give us a guise that makes us feel we are in control. Yet still their resultant end demands that we surrender a part of ourselves for what we want. Is it worth it?

Yet still one might be obsessed with the dream he holds. I have met men of obsessive devotion in the journey of my life. Obsessed with football, with words, with Christ and with achieving greatness. Obsession in its own right. A sure way of looking at whether it is worthwhile is to just trace it back to its roots. To the WHY and whether it allows you to dream yet still hold hands with reality.

Balance in the bigger picture is key. Balance or obsession, what’s your side?

This piece is from Tatenda Mutengwa, a vibrant writer, public speaker as well as philosopher who has an urge for politics, pushing to break barriers and effect a sustainable change.

Published by anotidaviazhero

An aspiring physician with a passion to create and modify long lasting solutions to the problems that our young generation is faced with through some of my motivational and inspirational articles.

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