A redo

As a naïve soul approaching life and viewing everything in black and white, you would imagine that this world is as clean as it looks but alas, the world has teeth coupled with some tentacles to draw you in, chew you whole, grinding you to the smallest imaginable pieces and disgorging you, all decimated. After an encounter with the real world you are spontaneously bestowed with a capability to see the world as it is, distinguishing all the shades of black.

The most important thing however is after all the trials and tribulations that confront each and every one of us, we should never lose ourselves. As I go through life I notice that there are three distinct strata or categories into which people fall though there may be existent intermittent categories. There are people who naturally have it all together, some are in between there, right in the middle of the spectrum and the last group comprises of people who are downright treading in the gorge, stumbling through life trying so hard not to trip over.

It is OK to fall into any of these categories as it’s all a matter of the synchronization of time and space in one’s life that determines the category. All the same, everyone at some point faces the really arduous situations which in extreme situations, may lead to mental breakdowns. As I have alluded to earlier, the most important thing, is not to lose ourselves.

Having given recognition to the three kind of distinct parts of the spectrum, each part has its own kind of hardships peculiar only to that particular stratus. It implies that these hardships are distributed in a way that they are non-overlapping. To paint a clearer picture of what l am trying to point out, I will give you some examples.

These parts of the spectrum maintain a sustainable cycle between the parts just like in a food chain. Starting with the category composed of those who seem to have it all together, there is never any one mortal on this planet earth who has it all together. What differentiates people into such distinct classes is the ability to choose battles. It is the first prerequisite for any sure-footed success.Unfortunately not many people seem to come to terms with this fact. Oftentimes, we place mind blinkers on our mind to the old doctrines we have been hearing since our childhood years. You grew up hearing that if you grow up to be a lawyer, you will surely be a success, but wait that was 2002. Fast forward to 2020, the odds of success as a lawyer according to the current statistics, is minimum. You might actually not have the adequate oratory skills and oomph to really effect the change that is needed. I know we have heard that as long as you do your best you will be fine, but is your best enough?, because it’s a question of it being enough not it being your best. Know the difference!

Moving on to the group that is somewhere in-between the two extremes, these ones have allowed themselves to live with the mind-blinkers bestowed on them since they were younger. Most of them are pursuing careers they are not really passionate about. They are struggling hard to stay afloat; they just go with the flow, but the question is, is it good enough? These cases are most influenced by the circumstances, but nonetheless, we shouldn’t at one point allow ourselves to be victims of circumstance for we have a power so undeniable to rise above our circumstances.

Finally the last group, composed of those who are straight treading in the gorge, these ones have allowed their feelings and emotions to flaunt all over the place clouding their view on life. You should understand that feelings are temporary so that we don’t get carried away in this avalanche of feelings. Feelings are common and never make them detect how you carry yourself. Focus on improving yourself to be the very best version of yourself. You can pay attention to those trivial feelings later when you are an over-blown success, that is if there will ever be any need.

I know fate has to do with synchronization of time and space, but we have an active input on where we end up on the spectrum. So it is solely up to you, whether you want to choose your battle wisely and stick to it until you win or you want to be carried away in this whirlwind of feelings and unwarranted attachments and dissuade your vision. I know it’s relatively easy to take the latter, that’s a logical reason to explain why the top extreme end of the spectrum is only a few inches long. Oftentimes, people inconsistently switch between the two choices hence; they end up falling in the intermediate parts of the spectrum. Make a choice before it is too late. One philosopher wrote, “We endure one of two pains, the pain of discipline or regret”. I know you will be wise to choose the better pain to put up with.

Published by anotidaviazhero

An aspiring physician with a passion to create and modify long lasting solutions to the problems that our young generation is faced with through some of my motivational and inspirational articles.

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