Fall like thunder

There are times you really feel like throwing in the towel; times you feel like the world is crumbling around you, times you feel like your life is a mess and everything is just hap-hazard, clutter all around. The very times you feel like adopting the minimalist theorem as the only scapegoat, living ‘low key’. The most comforting fact about these times is that we all go through them sometime in our lives some more often than others. What we can only do is to try to keep these times of despair, self-denial and self-doubt to a minimum in order to live a worthwhile life.

At such moments what do we need to do to ensure that we don’t fall too far away from the course? We have to strike down like thunder! As erroneous as that might sound right now, it’s actually a proven method. I will give a rundown of some of the confrontations we as humans battle from time to time that may force us to lose trajectory.

1. You will fail

I wish there was a better way to put this across but it is a fact that needs to be said from time to time lest we fall into a slumber. Failure is just an inevitable part of life, but we should not let it take a toll on our lives such that it damages us to a point of no return. We should just draw lessons from our set-backs, recuperate and start again with revived energy. I am afraid this is not the easier way to take, most people would just take the easier path out, which is that of giving up and letting it all lay. Laying back for what? That’s the most conducive time to fall down like thunder. What I mean by fall down like thunder is that it is the time you have to be at your optimum best. That is the time to remember your “WHY?”

Why did you start what you started; whatever you are pursuing? Why did you decide to start your business? Why did you choose to enroll in a medical school? Why did you choose to marry that woman or man? Your why will probably be stronger enough to keep you pushing through your setbacks. Whatever you are doing, have your why on top of your list, that way you will always stay motivated and energized, ready to do more.

2. You will be rejected

I vividly remember this time we had a meeting and one of the esteemed speakers was a Doctor. I will not mention his name for now. When he graced the stage, we could all feel the contagious confidence flowing out seamlessly to all of us. His confidence was so contagious, more than any airborne fatal virus even this covid-19. You could actually feel it hypothetically erupting from his core. His composed and flawless demeanor was just extraordinary. Looking at him from top to bottom dressed in his tuxedo suit which perfectly hugged his body, you would think that he was living above rejection, but wait till you hear his life story.

The first time he applied to medical school, he got rejected by countless medical schools, but that did not stop him from getting his MD. He kept planning, re-strategizing and praying. He actually stressed on the weight prayer carries in whatever we do so much that it can never be overemphasized.

The world is only fully understood by those who believe that there is an inextricable link between the natural and supernatural which translates itself into the physical, being influenced by the universe.


He re-applied the following year and he was accepted only by one school out of the five schools he applied to. At this point, everything was crumbling down around him. To start off; his girlfriend dumped him because he was now partial in balancing his academic and social life. To imagine that he was going to put in close to fifteen years of serious practice and fierce work until he was off the hook, was just something not any ordinary lady would deem palatable.

What I basically want to bring to light is, it will cost you so much that at one point you might just decide to take the easy way out. If you have a strong reason for starting cast it into a concerted conviction, engrave it in your subconscious mind such that each and every time you are contending towards your unrealized potential as depicted by phantoms in your brain, you never lose course. The greatest feeling of fulfillment comes from the realization that you are doing everything right on your way to your dream. So next time you are rejected, remember that even the most seemingly perfect high-achievers have many untold stories of pain, rejection and heartbreaks.

3. You will feel overwhelmed

You will most probably fail to perform up to your expected level in your business, studies, profession, sport, and relationship, whatever it is. I promise you, you will at one point feel overwhelmed. You will most likely fail to meet deadlines, to make a good impression or generally to deliver as expected. We are only humans and we have our flaws, but when you start to feel overwhelmed that’s the time to stay woke! Keep track and always be in constant connection with the flow of events in your life. If it means you have to make a timetable for each day and set alarms for every hour to remind yourself of any task you have to complete please do so. It is worth it and one more thing is you just have to do. Just do, there is never a perfect time, if you have a task on your timetable, it means it just has to be done. Take it as simple as that; don’t try to make some ill-conceived reason for slackening. The moment you let that hour pass you by without acting on the task, you have already jeopardized your whole week and on the grand scheme of events, you have delayed your life by an hour. Try to imagine what effect, cumulatively, those hours of slackening will have on your life. It will probably add up to years of inactivity when spread over your lifetime.

Watch the timeline.


Have the contagious type of confidence

One ironic thing about confidence is that, there is a very thin line between confidence and arrogance that oftentimes when they are juxtaposed; it takes a lot to set apart the two. In a clear cut context, confidence is a quiet faith and potent vision that rests within you despite what you up against, it implies that you take bold steps, make big moves. Remember there is no glory in timid and escapist living for no man has truly lived, who has never seen the glory of the most High manifest in his life. In contrast, arrogance is exorbitant claims of rank which exalts the worth of one to an undue degree. Note that arrogance is nothing more that claiming of undeserved importance most times coupled with contempt of others. Arrogance is never coupled with analogous action. Just begin to do. Make doing your habit.

Some things are just beyond all the natural tools of reasoning and chronological order, you just have to do.


There is a common misconception among most people. Many people tend to believe that staying in the background and always being in the crowd is humility. You can also be humble and confident at the same time. You can also take the lead, but still maintain your poise of humility. Withholding and taming your potential is as much doing injustice to yourself as to your neighbor. Go out there and leave a mark don’t comfort yourself in your little forgiving enclosures of perceived humility.

I am Anotida and I just hope to reach out to one or two souls. I understand that I am just a speck of dust in time hoping to attainably diffract a ray of light dispersing it out.

Published by anotidaviazhero

An aspiring physician with a passion to create and modify long lasting solutions to the problems that our young generation is faced with through some of my motivational and inspirational articles.

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