Orchestrated lie

What if you realize that all you have been hearing since you were young is a lie? What if you hear that all that you believe in is an orchestrated lie? I know the idea of being lied to does not go well with most, if not all of us. On itself it’s a red flag that can jeopardize any thriving relationship between two people, but what if…..

What if all you believe you will become in the near future might not come to fruition? As I was doing my studies, quite a number of students wanted to invest their energy in medicine, law or engineering. Have you ever entertained the probability that you might wake up one day and realize that your medical, engineering or law degree has suddenly become obsolete? With the advancement of technology at such an appalling rate, what only remains is for robots with an impeccable human interface to be developed. Robots that have a touch as good as any other normal human being’s, bestowed with the advanced type of artificial intelligence enabling the robots to have the exact same empathy, feeling, kindness as any other man. When the situation escalates to this position you can be rest-assured that almost every other professional skill will become obsolete except for the programmers and other IT-related professions. We are talking of better and flawless accountants, excellent teachers, tireless salesman, unbiased managers and basically goal-oriented service providers.

Have you ever thought that maybe the man or woman you have been married to for years does not actually truly love you? Maybe your marriage was circumstantial and was not deeply founded, hence the fights and quarrels each and every time. It is plausible you basically got married for the wrong reasons, that’s why you feel like your life is cluttered with problems and you badly feel the need to declutter.

Have you ever considered the probability that there may never be a tomorrow and that all we have got planned and laid out is all in vain? If you have never done that, it is high time you do because if something like this covid-19 virus that put the whole world at a halt, got everything tangled up and the most thriving economies plunged down, just rose from the blues, apparently anything can happen. Possibly an Armageddon and as funny and improbable as it might seem, it’s plausible.

All the above mentioned and other many more prospects we may premeditatedly or accidentally overlook, are evidence of how chance and probability rules our lives. This knowledge alone is priceless. Everything is uncertain and as uncertainty rules our lives, we should never allow ourselves to be victims of chance. How do we do that? That’s the part I am getting to just now.

Always make a provision for variable change


That’s right; we should always make a provision for variable change. The most important thing is awareness that our life might not always turn out the way we may have envisioned it beforehand. That knowledge alone ensures that we keep our minds free of worry when calamity befalls us. It is like attacking an army that has already constructed a fortress. The problem comes now when you go through life disregarding the likelihood of uncertainty. When it hits you, you will probably be damaged beyond recovery. You then lose the essence of life, which is simply ‘living’ it and living it happily as opposed to just surviving through it.

Let’s take an example of career choices. Let’s say you have always wanted to be a production engineer. With the knowledge that there is a higher likelihood that one of these days you might be replaced by a more accurate and effective robot, as you take your engineering degree you do a double major with computer science. That’s what making a provision for variable change looks like, such that when the inevitable happens you have a fortress in place to protect you from enemy archers. Please note that this same principle can in no way be applied to relationships, unless you want to cripple a good thing going on in your life.

I am just a simple man with a pen in my hand and a wandering mind. No negativity intended. I just thought a reminder that our lives are more or less a collection of random events will go a long way.

Published by anotidaviazhero

An aspiring physician with a passion to create and modify long lasting solutions to the problems that our young generation is faced with through some of my motivational and inspirational articles.

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