More than a cliché!

With my trembling hand sweeping over the black hard cover of the book of life, while staring blankly into the hypothetical distance which I only could descry. At the same time I was attempting to impassively solve complex problems by forming phantoms, failing every time to reach a solution. This was only proof to the fact that I am not infallible something which I constantly dispute from time to time no matter how much it manifests clearly in my life.

Just then when I was still buried deep in my thoughts, my phone buzzed, which brought me from my ephemeral slumber into reality. As I looked at it I noticed I had received one message from an esteemed friend. On eagerly opening it, I realized it was nothing out of the routinely ordinary. There was something about it that took me aback this time. It read “stay hard, stop feeling sorry for yourself; we all have the same 24 hours”.

Normally I would just consider it as a cliché, but this time I just did not take its abstract meaning. I realized that this message resonated well with what has been manifesting in this millennium generation. As I was going through some life experiences, I noticed that we conceptualize certain situations to fit into our own forgiving perspectives, giving in to temporary gratifications. In this case we are in no way being hard on ourselves, which has been a controversial issue over the years.

Let me break it down to you this way, when we are hard on ourselves we go all in, giving it all our unremitting energy, however when we adopt this philosophy of just flowing with the moment we fall prey to trivial growth-stunting habits. Every day my soul is filled with remorse, as each and every time I just have to attend a funeral, bidding farewell to unrealized potential.

Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live

Norman Cousins

One day as I was on my usual errands, in one corner I saw one boy drowning his sorrows in a whole bottle of broncleer, which is originally meant for alleviation of cough. In another corner, I could see one man stressing false affirmations of love to a teenage girl who was hardly an adult as constitutionally dictated. It is now an age where folks juxtapose love and lust and fail to distinguish between the two, using the terms alternately to mean exactly the same thing. An age where external validation is more important than our own indoctrinated beliefs.

I bumped into one man who was frantically running and shouting for help as his phone had been craftily snatched from his pocket. However, his appeal for help ended up posing as just indistinct clutter as there was too much noise from stampeding vendors who were apparently fleeing the police, as they had been caught red-handed conducting their businesses at undesignated places. With all this swift movement of people, apparently one folk was held in a static stance just staring blankly oblivious of all the noise and activity. Clearly he was under the shackles of marijuana or possibly this newly introduced crystal meth drug, affectionately known as mutoriro. He was basically in his self-crafted enclosure.

Just as I turned, I was greeted by one lady who was half dressed singing her usual chants with the courtesy of a service provider, who obviously viewed me as a potential client. I turned my head up and my eyes met a colorfully decorated bill board with two well-dressed models on it advertising a photo shooting company. At that moment I was teleported to the world of social media where it is now a time where likes and the number of followers matter more than dignity, perceived to serve as affirmation of one’s worth. One ironic thing about affirmation is that consistent affirmation of a belief is evidence of doubt. Why does anyone have to validate your worth?

It’s a time where we spend countless productive hours spreading ineffective propaganda and forwarding trivial messages often times with superficial or insignificant value to our lives. The end goal will only be to enrich the software and application developers of those social media platforms. Do you think that if those developers hadn’t been rigorous and hard enough on themselves we would be enjoying the fruits of their toil?

The question I ask myself almost every day is, ‘Am I doing the most important thing I could be doing’

Mark Zuckerberg

This piece does not seek to judge but just to highlight some of the things that we easily fall prey to, but fail to realize it because we think it is ‘OK’. I want you to know that it is also OK to go hard on yourself, stop feeling sorry for yourself! Let’s not succumb to temporary gratifications; we can’t be attending more funerals than there are people!

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An aspiring physician with a passion to create and modify long lasting solutions to the problems that our young generation is faced with through some of my motivational and inspirational articles.

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